StarCraft 2

StarCraft II is a trilogy of military science fiction real-time strategy video games currently under development by
Blizzard Entertainment is currently working on StarCraft II, a sequel to the award-winning 1998 video game StarCraft.  It will be a real-time strategy video game consisting of the base game and other expansion sets, entitled "Wings of Liberty", "Heart of the Swarm", and "Legacy of the Void".

It differs from the original series, where each game had three 8–10 mission campaigns, one for each race, each game in the StarCraft II trilogy will have only one 26–30 mission campaign centered around a single race. The Terrans will be the focus of the first campaign, followed up by Zerg and Protoss races in the expansions. The first game in the trilogy will have all races available to play during the skirmish and multiplayer modes. There are currently no release dates announced for the trilogy.