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TGN Live

WoW Cataclysm

In-game Cataclysm videos published by TGN

See the world's first Cataclysm video wiki!

TGN Times

E3 2010 live

TGN presents exclusive E3 video interviews with executive game producers and CEOs.

TGN acquires Stratics

May 19, 2010 — TGN acquires Stratics to create the new TGN Stratics and a new vision: "Create your own fansite". Read more »

What is TGN?

TGN is a global MMO gamer's network with communities around 150 games!

We work in partnership with EA, Outspark, Frogster, IGG and other top game companies in North America, Europe and China to bring official content to gamers.

We create homes for game communities, with the tools for gamers to create user-generated content and manage the community!

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