About Us

We are a K-12 educational resource center.
We serve day students from The Farm community,
Summertown, and the surrounding area, including Hohenwald, Leoma, Mt. Pleasant, and Ethridge.  We also offer an umbrella program for home-based learners throughout the state of Tennessee.  The Farm School is also available as a homeschool resource. At The Farm School we seek to nurture diverse individuals as they work and play towards personal, community and planetary well being.

We are a community school.
Our school is a community of diverse individuals connected by deep relationships; we all learn with and from each other. We invite our community to join us in our school and we spend much of our time learning out in the community.

The Learning Community (TLC) approach begins with three key ideas.

o   We are Individuals: Each of us is born one of a kind with unique gifts and special needs and each of us follows our own path through life. These differences make us interesting to each other and enable us to make unique contributions to society.

o   We are Social Beings: We are social beings with a natural desire to interact with each other as we each interact with our world. All learning results from these interactions.

o   We Can Become Communities: When we are free to express ourselves and are skilled at communicating our differing and potentially conflicting points of view, we can put our gifts together and complete projects as a community that we would be unable to complete as independent individuals.

We use a responsive project-based curriculum.
We learn science, math, technology, social science and communication arts (i.e., languages, music and other art forms) as well as other social, emotional and practical skills as we engage in projects that come from our hearts.

We are an agreement school.
Our school governance is one of our key ongoing projects. We make agreements about how we function as a school (e.g., how we: resolve conflicts, schedule activities and do assessment) during meetings where each of us has an equal voice.