Happy 2018 - 2019 Theater Season in Louisville, Kentucky USA.

Me and Ducky realise there is a lot of nonsense going on with the Fascist Trump Administration, and it is good there there is an outlet for our frustrations about Republicans, Racists, Zenophobes. 

That outlet is to attend Professional, Actors Equity, Union Theater productions.

Professional Union Theater is a great activity for normal Socialists, Democrats, Progressives and is never good for abnormal Conservatives.

Be proud that you are smart enough, caring enough and willing to believe in Reason, and to walk away from the Trump crazies.

This Autumn, we get to vote in a new Democratic Party Congress in order to thwart the Trumpie Republicans.

In the Spring, we can build a political wall around the Trump problem.

One hopes that the Trump Collusion investigation goes into an unending high gear after the new Democratic Congress is seated.

In our free time, let's make sure to support Professional Union Theater.

I hope you find ways to have fun and normality until the Orange Trump menace is stamped out.

Cheers for  a fun, entertaining and educational, Professional Union Theater Season for 2018 - 2019.


Ducky Lynch, webmaster

And, David Dewberry, editor