Parents Association

2017-2018 Earth School Parents Association 

PA Room 126, email:
Our by-laws can be viewed here: link to come

PA Officers, 2017-2018

Elected by PA membership for 1-year terms.
PA officers are responsible to and carry out
decisions made by the PA membership.


Paulino Aboitiz   

Marco Batistella                                     


        Troy Benson 

             Lisa Torres                 


        Eric Kemnitz

         Frank Gardner                                            


        Carol Marie Fiorito   

Volunteer Liaison

         Christie Alexander

Communications Director

         Vanessa Lemonides              

Fall Fair Coordinators

         Luisa Gui

         Kathia Mgwaba

Spring Auction Coordinator

         Sonia Benson

Small Events Coordinators     

         Paolo Borelli  

         Shannon Reddish        


ESPA Meeting Dates 2017-2018 

All ESPA meetings are on Tuesdays. The morning meetings start at 8:35am, in the library on the second floor (unless otherwise noted) and the evening meetings are held from 5:45-6:45 in the PA room - Room 126 . 

Had to miss a meeting? Scroll down this page and you'll find all the meeting minutes attached.


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