Play and Creative Movement

This year Vincent Grady (a.k.a. Spinny Vinny) and Frankie “Flo” Gonzalez ­– freestyle soccer performers, movement educators, and flow facilitators ­– present an enhanced and expanded curriculum that will include:

  1. sport skill-related activities: 
    volley ball, soccer, tennis, basketball, and floor hockey
  2. creative movement: 
    dance, freestyle, obstacle course
  3. fitness/fun games: 
    hula hoop, jump rope, relay runs 

The curriculum will be divided into 3 themes
(Funky Feet, Hungry for Hoops, Happy Hands)
over the course of the year.

Theme 1: Funky Feet 

Fundamental Motor Movements (FMM): 
skipping, hopping, running, shuffling, dodging 
Dance: expression, rhythm, coordination 
Hop Scotch, Jump rope: rhythm, coordination 
Sport-related activity: Soccer 

Theme 2: Hungry for Hoops 

FMM: catching, dribbling, throwing, crawling 
Sport related activity: basketball 
Fitness/Dance: Hula Hoop, obstacle course 

Theme 3: Happy Hands

FMM: Catching, throwing, hitting, clapping, 
Sport-related activity: volleyball, floor hockey, tennis 
Body percussion, hand clapping, hand stands 

Supply Wish List 

  1. Tennis Materials
    (4 nets, 30 rackets, 100 balls, ball rack - estimated value: $600-$800) 
  2. Floor Hockey Sticks
    ($10/each x 25)= $250 
  3. Floor Hockey Balls
    (30 balls x $1) = $30 dollars 
  4. Kids basketball hoop
    (60 x $40)= $240