Cluster Teacher Updates

Cooking with Tim

Cooking Curriculum Newsletter
October 2019

Dear Families,
As we move into the holiday season I wanted to let you know what we have been up to and give you a chance to come to school to share your family’s/culture’s seasonal recipes.

So far we have tried the following recipes:

Single portion recipes: That means each child or two children together made some. 

Vegetable Soup
Apple Salad
Fruit Salad
Bean Salad
Three Bear Porridge
French Toast
Pioneer Hotcakes (cornmeal pancakes) Tortillas
Pumpkin Cookies 

Whole Group

Apples and yogurt
Pumpkin pancakes

Next: pumpkin pie

If you would like a copy of any of the recipes, let me know. Let me know what your child is telling you about cooking.

In addition to cooking we made trips to the roof. Digging and drawing are favorite activities. We tasted: tomatoes, herbs, sorrel, chard, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

Keep in mind that the Pre-K and K classes see me three times a week, but once is for recess. We are harvesting potatoes and carrots now.

The 4/5 classes are starting a curriculum called Green Beetz. They are charting what they have for breakfast and how they feel afterwards. They also completed surveys so I can track what they have learned and what they still need to find out about.

I would love to have family members come in and show us how to make foods that are important or loved by you. Email me at with ideas, or to volunteer, or to ask questions.

Thanks, Tim 

Earth Science with Emmy

Science Curriculum Newsletter

October 2019

Hello Families!
This month we have been hard at work ...
PreK/K classes began their leaf Study. So far we have been on several walks to Tompkins Square park identifying and collecting leaves. We have talked about what leaves do, and what their parts are. Look for our wonderful leaf books in the very near future!

1st/2nd grade classes have been studying a broadleaf forest habitat in order to discover why the Chalta trees aren’t reproducing like the other trees in the habitat are. Our botanists have been hard at work...
3rd grade classes have been studying Food Chains and Webs. We explored the energy transfer pyramid and have begun independent study on animals of our choice, with the goal of identifying where our animal is

within a Food Web.

4th/5th grade classes have been investigating the reason why west Ferris Island has green vegetation and east Ferris Island does not. We agree it is a water issue, but have not pinpointed any specific reason as of yet. We have explored online simulations and conducted

experiments with water, ice and salt. We have more to do.
Coding Club for 3rd-5th has met a few times already. With the support of Ian (Kaeden’s dad) our group has gotten off to a really great start. More coding to follow...
Science continues to rock!!!