Annual Appeal

At the Earth School, children and adults from diverse backgrounds come together to celebrate our differences, to appreciate our common humanity, and to contribute to our community.

The Earth School’s mission is not only to support children’s academic achievement, but also to encourage the peaceful resolution of conflict and the preservation of the Earth’s resources. You can see this mission in action when the children plant seeds and harvest food on our organic rooftop farm
 or when the whole school gathers at our weekly Town Meeting, to sing and dance together and to proudly share our work with one another.

We nurture tolerance and respect for people of all backgrounds when we study New York's rich immigrant history and travel to Ellis Island on a field trip. We encourage students to make positive change in the world when they champion LGBTQ rights. 

Kids Talk Back to BrainPOP on LGBT Rights

We celebrate diversity when we become one of a handful of schools that works to integrate our neighborhood schools. Our mission is alive and well, but we need your help.

Sadly, the Department of Education does not fully fund our enrichment programs like physical education, dance, music, overnight camping trips, field trips and essential classroom materials. Our parents tirelessly fundraise to fill a budget gap of over $100,000 each year to provide these enrichments which we all grew up with and still feel are essential to educating the whole child and fulfilling our mission.

Now, more than ever, we need your support to help our mission succeed. We are committed to educating children to embrace diversity and shape a world where all are respected, regardless of their race, economic status or who they love. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the Earth School. We appreciate anything you can give to partner with us. We're in this together and every dollar counts.

With gratitude,

The Earth School Parents Association (ESPA)

Two ways to give:
  • By check made out to “ESPA” and leave it in the ESPA mailbox in the main office (Room 110) or mail it to: 
The Earth School
600 East 6th Street 
New York, NY 10009
Attn: ESPA Annual Appeal
  • By credit card using the PayPal buttons below.