Annual Appeal

“It is time for new approaches, and schools like the Earth School can help inspire us. Yet few if any big donors, philanthropists, politicians or reporters come to spend time at the Earth School. If they did, they would gain many insights that are crucial to understanding how effective childhood education will work best, anywhere in the world - teacher collaboration and professionalism, authentic assessments, periods of play and choice for children, a learning atmosphere of love and support rather than stress and fear, and tailored instruction for each child.”  - William Doyle, a Fulbright scholar, a scholar in residence at the University of Eastern Finland, a 2017, Rockefeller Foundation resident fellow and an Earth School parent. “A great school, against the grain: A warm, diverse, child-focused place where tests don’t matter much” NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, October 2, 2017


The Earth School is a remarkable school yet it largely goes unnoticed by not only big donors and philanthropists, but also by the Department of Education. The Earth School receives only 87% of its “fair student funding” - the lowest percentage allowable – from the Department of Education. As a result, we struggle every year to maintain programs like physical education, dance, music, overnight camping trips, field trips and buy basic classroom materials. Our Parents Association funds these essentials since the State gives us only $0.87 on the dollar. We tirelessly fundraise through countless events - bake sales, auctions, fairs, movie nights, and letters like this - to fill a budget gap of over $100,000 and we still end up with a deficit.

Yet we will never abandon the school’s mission in the face of this financial hardship

It is alive when the children plant seeds and harvest food (over 160 pounds of sweet potatoes harvested this Fall!) on our organic rooftop farm or when the whole school gathers at our weekly Town Meeting, to sing, dance and proudly share our work with one another. We nurture tolerance and respect for people of all backgrounds when we study New York's rich immigrant history and travel to Ellis Island on a field trip.  Students make positive change in the world when they champion LGBTQ rights. 

Kids Talk Back to BrainPOP on LGBT Rights

We celebrate diversity when we become one of a handful of schools that works to integrate our neighborhood schools. Our mission is alive and well, but we need your help.

Will you help fill in the budget gap left by the State? We need your support to help our mission succeed.  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Earth School. We appreciate anything you can give to partner with us. 

With gratitude,

The Earth School Parents Association (ESPA)

Three ways to give:
  • By check made out to “ESPA” and leave it in the ESPA mailbox in the main office (Room 110) or mail it to: 
The Earth School
600 East 6th Street 
New York, NY 10009
Attn: ESPA Annual Appeal
  • By credit card using the PayPal buttons below.
  • By cash:  Contact our parent coordinator, Jocelyn.