Guild Mission:
The Children's Arts Guild helps children transcend limiting expectations and explore and develop their authentic selves through creativity education.

Children’s Arts Guild Programs:

Boys' Arts Express - BOYHOOD RECREATED

Our core program helps boys ages four to thirteen build emotional competence and resilience by supporting them in retaining their spirit and vitality. Through fun, thoughtful activities, such as visual arts, expressive movement, carpentry, cooking, singing, and community-service projects, boys learn how to recognize what they are feeling, gain confidence in expressing those feelings, and develop skills to manage them constructively. We offer the program in age-appropriate components in a variety of after-school and out-of-school settings.

Girls’ Arts Express - GIRLHOOD RECREATED

Through the program, girls will  develop social-emotional skills through the spirited, active exploration of creativity and the arts. Through fun, thoughtful activities girls will learn about themselves and each other, develop a sense of community, and build a well-stocked emotional toolbox that will help them navigate the challenges of growing up without losing touch with their authentic voices. All activities will be tailored to meet the needs of the girls participating in the program. The emphasis will be on process rather than product, with guided reflection as the most important part of each process and project. The conversation will also be driven by the students wants and needs, and reflect where they are in their social-emotional development.

Green Apple Kids 

GAK Mission:

Green Apple Kids strives to help working families by offering affordable out-of-school time education through a curriculum that includes health, wellness and environmental education.

Program Highlights: 

Green Apple Kids will provide after school and half days programming for the coming school year 2015-2016. The program focuses on health, wellness and environmental education. The children will learn about themselves and the world around them through, theater, cooking, gardening, music, arts and varied types of movement exercises. In addition to the directed learning at after school there will be time for snack and homework tutoring (if needed) and free play. At the half day sessions we provide trips and or special activities, time for snack, lunch and out door play time. The Green Apple Kids curriculum is child-centered and strives to engage all children at their comfort level.
Designer Vanessa Lemonides,
Mar 20, 2016, 7:26 AM