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December 3, 2018 

Dear Earth School Families,

Tim Lammers, our Cooking Teacher, will be sharing his curriculum plans at the Parents Association Meeting on Tuesday, 12/18. All students now have Cooking classes each week that include techniques of cooking, sustainable and healthy food choices, rooftop farming, life drawing and more!

At this week’s 3Rs Get Together, we will share class pictures and yearbooks to start a conversation about our own experiences of diversity in the schools that we attended as young people. Please join us for a meal and some conversation. Try to bring a class picture or yearbook from back in the day! Childcare provided.

Ashley's Kindergarten class is currently collecting donations of baby formula to support Healing Venezuela. You can help too! If you are able to participate, please bring your donation of 450 gram or 900 gram canisters of powdered baby formula to Ashley's classroom, Room 103. Last day for donations is December 12th.

Venezuela has the most rapid increase in child malnutrition and mortality in the history of the region for the past 100 years. AID FOR AIDS International (“AFA”), founded by Earth School father, Jesús Aguais, is building the movement HEALING VENEZUELA to respond to this tragedy. Infant malnutrition has catastrophic impacts, thus, AFA is determined to create awareness about the effects of this drastic humanitarian crisis by emphasizing the fact that together we can fight the systematic oppression that is taking many lives, particularly those of babies, by bringing the food they need to survive.

Dance Makers in the Schools dance program begins on Tuesday for our Pre-K and K students. The program is run by Movement Research and funded by New York State Council on the Arts and NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.

Lost and Found will be bagged on Tuesday. Bagged items can be claimed for one month before being put in the collection box.

Love, Abbe