posted Mar 1, 2020, 6:25 PM by Designer Stevie Remsberg   [ updated Mar 1, 2020, 6:26 PM ]


March 1, 2020

Dear Earth School Families,

It was wonderful to see so many families come out and enjoy some food and film together on Friday for the PA-hosted Movie Night!  Many thanks to our parent volunteers for their hard work--we appreciate everything you do to bring families together and support the school! 

Parent Corps has ended for the year! Thanks to our Guidance Counselor, Shirley, for leading this group, and thanks to all the parents who participated and supported each other in this work. 

State Designation Meeting  As I shared in an email on Thursday, our school was recently designated as “TSI” (Targeted Support and Improvement), by the New York State Education Department, based on state tests. (In New York elementary schools, state tests are administered for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.) For schools like ours, with very high rates of families who choose not to have their child(ren) take these tests, it can be difficult to make sense of what a designation like this means. We are having a meeting on Wednesday, March 4, from 6:00-7:30 in the auditorium to share more information about TSI and answer families’ questions. Pizza and childcare will be available. 

Additionally, for families who would like more information about the state tests, and why our school and others have had such a high rate of families choosing not to have their child(ren) take the tests, the PA has organized a meeting on Thursday, March 12 (8:30-9:30, Room 114). The PA will also be discussing this during its next PA meeting (Tuesday, March 17, 8:45-10:00 in the Library).   

For all 3rd-5th Grade families: As we’ve mentioned in recent issues of the Buzz, with state assessments coming up in March (English Language Arts) and April (Math), we need to gather information on which students will/will not be taking the tests.  Teachers and office staff may be reaching out to confirm if your child(ren) will/will not be taking the tests, or whether you are still in the process of deciding. 

District 1 Battle of the Family Bands is Sunday, March 8 at the Bowery Ballroom. Will the Earth School Band keep their championship trophy or will they pass it to another local band this year? Come and find out- this friendly competition is a night full of surprising talent and FUN! Doors at 6, show at 7. Tix are $20. Door proceeds benefit participating schools. Adults Only.

Sustainability Note: New York State’s plastic bag ban went into effect today! As the State’s web page explains, plastic bag usage negatively impacts both our communities and environment. “Plastic bags can be seen stuck in trees, as litter in our neighborhoods, and floating in our waterways. From the significant recycling and disposal issues they pose to the harm they can do to wildlife, the negative impacts of plastic bags are easily seen.” The web page also explains that stores and business will vary in how they accommodate the new law, with some selling re-usable bags, some charging a small fee for paper bags, etc., and they encourage New Yorkers to BYOB--Bring Your Own Bag. We have a box in the Earth School lobby for families who have extra reusable bags. If you are in need of a reusable bag, feel free to help yourself to one from the box. 

Hope you have a wonderful week!