posted Oct 7, 2019, 7:07 AM by Designer Stevie Remsberg


October 6, 2019

Dear Earth School Families,

It looks like autumn is bringing us cooler temperatures and some rainy days as we enter our second month of school!  We know this is a time of year when children start dressing in layers that they may put on and take off as they feel colder or warmer throughout the day.  Be sure to label your child’s sweaters, hoodies, jackets, etc., to make any misplaced items easier to identify!  

Interested in helping with C.O.W. Time? C.O.W. (Community Open Work) is when all Earth School classes have Open Work at the same time (Tuesday afternoons). This allows students to work in other classrooms. Students, teachers, and parents also run special “C.O.W. Clubs” to visit other classrooms to work on a common interest or activity (past clubs include sewing, knitting, Japanese, gardening, school newspaper, and others). C.O.W. is an opportunity for parents to share their own interests with the school community, to get to know students, and to contribute diverse and rich experiences for students. If you are interested in helping with or even leading a C.O.W club, please contact your child’s teacher(s) or Linda (linda@theearthschool.org). Time commitment is flexible (one week, several weeks, etc.), whether you’d like to help an existing club or lead a club.  

Family Conferences are coming up soon!  A reminder that Earth School’s schedule for family conferences is different from the DOE calendar (see our dates below, under Looking Ahead). Keep an eye out for scheduling information from your child’s classroom! 

A reminder to come check out Parent Corps, hosted by Shirley, our Guidance Counselor!  It’s a fun way to develop a support network with other families at school, and a great way to get ideas from each other about how to manage the challenges of parenting.  Kick-off meeting is Monday, Oct. 28, 8:30 - 10:00, in room 106, and is open to new and returning participants.  

The Earth School Fall Fair is coming up on Saturday, October 19th!  Tremendous thanks to community members who came to school Thursday morning to help re-organize our storage room in preparation for the Fair! You can sign up for other ways to help out with this school-wide event on the Fall Fair board near the office!  

Have a wonderful week!