posted Feb 3, 2019, 7:54 AM by Designer Stevie Remsberg   [ updated Feb 3, 2019, 7:54 AM ]


February 3, 2019

Dear Earth School Families,

This week, many families will celebrate the Lunar New Year! Schools are closed on Tuesday to honor the start of the Year of the Pig, a harbinger of fortune and good luck!

Many families choose the Earth School because of its diverse student body. We believe that children learn best in an inclusive environment where people of different abilities, cultures, and identities come together “to appreciate our common humanity.” Cross-cultural experiences help us break stereotypes, build empathy, and “love” one another. They build our collective spirit and help develop our skills for living in a pluralistic society. Over their years at the school, all children come to know a rich mix of students. Parents, however, often do not get to know each other as well. Though we exchange pleasant greetings, we often are not enriched by each other’s diverse stories, “truths,” and cultures. I am sharing this because I have been intensely moved and inspired by getting to know more of you at the 3Rs gatherings. Sharing stories over a meal has been a unique experience that has helped me see beyond my own assumptions and projections. After the conversation and dinner, we feel a new connection to one another. In response to parent feedback, we hold the 3Rs series in the evening with childcare and a meal to be inclusive of those who can’t make it during the workday. We invite you to join us on Thursday and hope to see some new faces!

At this time of year, we send home individual Narrative Reports. Narrative Reports are quite different from traditional report cards. They describe how your child is doing in school rather than summarizing it into letter or number grades. They provide a window into how your child approaches their work, how they relate to peers and adults, their academic progress, their strengths, attitudes, and areas for growth. While the reports do give a sense of how your child is performing relative to “grade level” expectations, the main focus is on describing each child’s unique learning journey. This helps both parents and teachers celebrate children’s growth and focus on how to support their next steps for learning.

Teachers work many hours on EACH report and they VERY MUCH look forward to hearing your responses. Please complete and return the Family Response Sheet (included in the grey envelope). Please bring your child’s report to your Family Conference next week. If there is something that you don’t understand, your teachers will be happy to clarify. In addition, Jocelyn and I are also available to go through it with you.

I am pleased to welcome Iris Gotay, a new paraprofessional, who is working with our Kindergartners in Room 135.

Warmest regards,