posted Nov 5, 2018, 1:28 PM by Designer Stevie Remsberg


November 5, 2018

Dear Earth School Families,

Next week is devoted to Family Conferences. Please make an appointment by signing up at the classroom or emailing your teachers. Did you know that ALL teachers and service providers are available and eager to meet with you to discuss your child’s progress? Don’t forget to meet with Patrice (Art), Emmy (Science), and Vince (Movement/PE). You can also meet with any of your child’s special service providers: Julie, Shav, and Melissa (Speech), Rachel (English as a New Language), Carmen (Occupational Therapy), Shirley (Guidance), and Chris (Physical Therapy). I try to get around to conferences as well and can be available at specific times with advance notice. We hope to see all families!

Next week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, Patrice (Art), Emmy (Science), and Vince (Movement/PE) will be having a Family Open House. You are invited to come in and observe classes in session. To see your own child’s class, please check their schedule.

With love, Abbe