posted Oct 21, 2018, 6:46 PM by Designer Stevie Remsberg


October 21, 2018

Dear Earth School Families,

Looking for some parenting support and camaraderie? Parent Corps is for you! Join Guidance Counselor Shirley Suares and fellow parents to share parenting strategies and challenges over coffee and a light breakfast. This is self-care for caring parents. The program runs 14 weeks so attend whenever you can! It’s also a great way to find new parent friends in the community. Find out why many parents come back for a second or third year! Mondays, 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. in Room 106

As I have reported previously, beloved Pre-K and K teacher Carole Scott is retiring this month. Her last day is October 31. Our dear Art teacher Patrice Lorenz is retiring at the end of November. Tim will be taking over her classes to do some cooking, gardening, and art as we design the next phase of visual arts programming at The Earth School. Rumor has it that Patrice may even make some “guest appearances” to help with graduation projects in the spring! While this year will be a little piecemeal, the School Leadership Team (Abbe, teachers, parent reps) is now exploring a more permanent solution for providing essential visual arts programming. Since funding is very tight on both the school side and the PA side, we have to keep our vision in line with what is financially sustainable. Rest assured, we will be reaching out for community input and keeping you updated with our progress.

A little history: In 2017, when we added a certified physical education teacher, we lost our fulltime Cooking program. Many families were sad about losing Cooking so we decided to add the CookShop program into classrooms last year. I hope that our young chefs will enjoy exploring Culinary Arts again with Tim in the coming months.


At Cooking, students learn about wholesome foods and healthy eating. They explore where foods come from and get a chance to grow and harvest food on our amazing 2400 square foot rooftop farm! We also have a beautiful Cooking Room (B69) that is fully stocked with equipment and pantry ingredients.

Last, but not least, our school is hosting a Quality Review this week. I am so proud to share the work of our teachers and students with a reviewer on Wednesday and Thursday. She will be reviewing documents and data and meeting with staff, students, parent reps, and me over the two days. We are all busy preparing for a great review! 

With love, Abbe