posted Sep 9, 2018, 1:29 PM by Designer Stevie Remsberg

Dear Earth School Families,


Happy holidays to those who are celebrating this week!


It was a wonderful first few days. The community feels vibrant and refreshed. Thanks to the parents who attended the orientation. It was great to see new and returning families.


This is the time when the entire school is focused on establishing clear structures and routines for being together as a community. From where to keep one’s things to “good listening” or cleaning up after oneself, rules and routines are what make school run smoothly. Once internalized, these structures are hard to notice and look "easy." When routines are not carefully established, classrooms appear chaotic and children feel off-balance. I invite you to consider some of the routines you have at home-- for bedtime or bath, or nightly reading-- to see if you have designed predictable structures for your child to work within. As children grow, their routines and responsibilities must be adjusted. Please come to Wednesday’s “Have a Great Day!: Smooth Transitions and Relaxed Routines” for more on this!


We need to push back the Class Potluck and Curriculum Night to Monday, September 24. Please make note of the new date. The class potluck is an opportunity to spend time with other families in your child’s class, to meet the teachers, and learn about the curriculum plans for the year. Each class needs one or two people to volunteer to be “Class Parents” for the school year. Class parents help the teachers organize class events and communicate with parents in the class.


Allergy Safety and Peanut-Free Policy To make our community safe for students with allergies, The Earth School strives to be a peanut-free environment. Please check labels carefully when sending lunches or snacks. Please indicate on your child’s emergency contact card and notify your classroom teacher of any allergies or dietary restrictions. Teachers will notify parents of classmates or staff with serious food allergies so you can plan accordingly. Because we are aware that one of our teachers has a life-threatening allergy to shellfish, we ask that you do bring foods containing shellfish to school events.


One of our favorite traditions at The Earth School is sharing favorite family foods at potlucks, picnics, and class breakfasts. Labeling foods so others are aware of foods that contain nuts or other common allergens, which are gluten-free, or vegan is greatly appreciated. We appreciate your help in creating a safe environment for all.


Important: BLUE FOLDER Back-to-School Paperwork

Please return completed forms to your classroom teacher in the BLUE FOLDERS by September 14.


Please check out the attached letters from the Department of Education.


Love, Abbe