posted Apr 8, 2018, 7:37 AM by Designer Stevie Remsberg   [ updated Apr 8, 2018, 7:38 AM ]


April 8, 2018

Dear Families,

This is the first week of New York State testing. We are committed to supporting all of our students whether or not they are taking the tests. Ling ling Chou and Rachel Levinsky, are our designated “testing coordinators” this year. Ling ling has attended numerous training sessions so we are totally up-to-date on test procedures. Our coordinators devised a detailed plan for proctors and room assignments to accommodate the different needs of our students. This is a complex job that involves some re-arranging of the school schedule for Art, Movement, Science, individual student services, and recess.

 We need to keep the hallways quiet during testing. Latecomers should enter quickly quietly and teachers should keep doors closed. Children who are testing must arrive on time in order to sit for the tests. No one may join after the directions have started. Make-up tests are available for students who miss the tests. Parents have the right to “opt in” again or “opt out” right up to the last make-up test date. 

Students do best when they are calm, well rested, and well fed. Last minute studying or test prep is discouraged as it may add to test anxiety and stress. Please adjust your schedules accordingly.

Lastly, let’s all do our best to support and to respect each other during these weeks. If you hear of anyone being insensitive, please bring it to our attention.