October 22, 2017

Dear Families,

Huge thanks to the organizers and everyone who supported the Fall Fair!! It was another wonderful community event and a successful fundraiser for our school programs.

This week is family conferences. All teachers and service providers are available to meet. Emmy and Patrice have drop in times that are indicated on posters in the halls. Other service providers have sign-ups and can be scheduled by email.

Please see the attached letter about the school's Emergency Readiness Initiatives. Over the first two months of school, we teach and practice GRP safety protocols with all students, including Fire and Lock Down Drills. Teachers discuss these drills in developmentally-appropriate ways to promote a sense of readiness and safety. Please let us know if your child expresses any fears related to the drills so that we can follow up. A reminder that adults should only EXIT from doors where a Safety Agent is present. Using other exits will trigger alarms and require an investigation by staff.

There are still a few open counseling slots with Ali Kander of University Settlement, our on-site mental health clinic. These services are paid for through your own insurance (currently only Medicaid accepted). It does not require a school referral or evaluation. It’s a healthy way to support a child through a family transition or rough patch. For more information, please reach out to Ali Kander (alik@theearthschool.org) or Shirley@theearthschool.org.

Halloween is coming. For those who partake in this tradition, it's an exciting time as children look forward to festivities, treats, and costumes. All the excitement can make it hard for children to focus and to behave calmly at school. We kindly request that you wait until after school to celebrate Halloween. Please do not send costumes, candy, or sweets to school. Please remind children not to bring their candy to school on the following days.

All for now!

Love, Abbe