Abbe's Letter

posted Jan 28, 2018, 6:05 PM by Designer Vanessa Lemonides

January 28, 2018

Dear Families,

We will be distributing Winter Narrative Reports on Friday at dismissal. Teachers prefer handing the Reports to an adult for privacy and safekeeping. If you cannot pick up the report personally, it will be backpacked. Please read your child’s report carefully and consider how you will share it with them. When talking with your child about the report, we encourage discussing both strengths, growth, and areas for improvement. Please make note of your thoughts using the enclosed Response Form. Family Conferences begin February 12 by appointment (see individual classrooms for sign-ups). Please bring the report to your conference so you can refer to it in your discussion. Narrative reports are a unique feature of progressive public schools like ours. Teachers have worked many long hours on each one. Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. Teachers try to use plain language and not “teacher-speak.” That said, we occasionally slip into school jargon or educational terminology. If you need clarification about anything in your report, we are happy to help.

From the Parent Handbook:

Narrative Reports

Narrative Reports are written in January and June. Based on data collected by the teachers, these reports document each child’s development, interests, and progress in school subject areas. The process of creating these reports ensures careful reflection on each individual child’s growth. To prepare for writing, teachers spend time reviewing the student’s work and written observations and records. They synthesize this data in detailed summaries. Individualized goals are created for each child to prioritize their next steps. Though labor intensive, we feel that Narrative Reports and the reflective process that they require are far superior to “letter grades” or checklist report cards. Please read the report carefully and share it with your child. If you have questions, your teacher is available to review the report with you. Your written feedback is also greatly appreciated and lets the teachers know that the report has been read. 

Love, Abbe