October 16, 2016

Dear Earth School Families,

A HUGE thanks to all who made the Fall Fair such a smashing success!!

Each year, our school is required to offer Gifted and Talented testing to students in Kindergarten through Grade 2 at parent’s request. This test determines a child’s eligibility for a limited number of Gifted & Talented placements. The testing takes place during the school day which means that children are taken from their classrooms and some teachers from their regular duties.

Gifted and Talented eligibility is determined by a standardized test which does not take into account culturally different learning styles and experiences as illustrated by the demographics in these programs: 70% of the students in NYC “gifted and talented” programs are White and Asian even though 70% of our Public School students are black and Hispanic (dnainfo). While The Earth School has many excellent and above average students, we are not a “Gifted and Talented” setting.

The Earth School recognizes that all students have gifts and deserve schools that meet their needs through instruction adjusted to their level. Our abiding mission is to honor our community’s diversity and to celebrate our differences. We believe that growing and learning in a widely diverse community enriches each of us and prepares us for living in an integrated world. We actively seek to increase our own school’s integration by supporting policies and practices, such as the Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative and the District’s Social Integration Pilot.

Some parents may request the testing even though they do not actually intend to leave the school. To save resources, we respectfully ask that only parents who are serious about moving their children to a G & T setting request testing. Should you have concerns about your child’s experience at The Earth School, you are always encouraged to reach out to your child’s teacher or me.

To request to have your child tested for the G & T program, please contact Shirley or Jocelyn for a handbook. The handbook includes information about the test and the application. You may also access the handbook and application online at Applications are due online or to Shirley by November 17.



This Week

Sun, Oct 16. Third Street Music Open House. (see below)

Oct 17, 8:30 - 10:30 a.m. Parent Corps begins! Room 106

Oct 17. Picture day!

Oct 18, 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. Parent Association Meeting. Library

Oct 21. Half day for Professional Development. Dismissal 11:50 a.m.

Looking Ahead

Oct 31 – Nov 4. Family Conference Week Pre-K to Grade 3

Nov 2. Evening Conferences by Appointment

Nov 2 - 4. Grades 4 – 5. Frost Valley Overnight Camping Trip* (4/5 conferences will be scheduled during the following weeks)

Nov 3. Half Day for Family Conferences

Nov 8. Election Day. No school for children


Parent Corps begins Monday, October 17th! It’s not too late to join!! Part coffee hour, part parenting skills workshop, Parent Corps is designed for Pre-K and K parents who want to come together to share ways of supporting children's healthy development and success in school. Join Guidance Counselor Shirley Suares for this 14-week program on Mondays from 8:30 - 10:30 a.m., Room 106. Families and other caregivers may attend all 14 weeks or as their schedules allow. Light breakfast and coffee are provided. Sign up sheets found outside the PK/K classrooms. Contact for more info.

Third Street Music School is hosting its fall open house on Sunday, October 16th, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at its building on 235 East 11th Street near 2nd Avenue. Partner School Students ages 6 (by December 31, 2016) to 14 will be able to meet teachers, try out instruments, and apply for free and reduced-rate group classes with openings in the fall. Only classes that still have openings will be offered (currently: trombone, horn, flute, clarinet, cello, recorder, viola, string bass, drum circle, ballet, tap dance, and choir). Families interested in other disciplines should mark their calendars for our spring open house on June 15th, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., when our full complement of group courses will be accepting applications.

Important Reminders from the PA

Konstella is up and running! Thank you to those who've already joined! If you haven't yet, please click on this link and sign up for our new communications platform:

Reach out to Vanessa with any questions or issues you may have with signing up. 

Don't forget to make your family contributions! Every dollar counts and will be spent on the enrichment programs we all value so much. You can write a check made out to the ESPA and drop it off in the main office or pay with a credit card via PayPal on the school website. Just click on the "Ways to Donate" button to the right. Cash is also accepted, of course.

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