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    Dear friends,

    What can I say?  The farewell party on Saturday was one of the most special times of my life.  I still can't believe how beautiful the day was, from the musical selections to the delicious food to the after party... One highlight had to be when the children, current and alumni, sang songs replacing words with my name. What a thrill to have my Earthlings performing, smiling and giving me hugs all throughout the day.  And the cake!  I've never seen my picture on a cake before and probably never will again.  I feel so very lucky to have been honored, appreciated and cared for in this way and truly hope that each of you, at one point in your life, gets to feel this way.

    At graduation and at the party I shared some words that I would like to repeat here in my last weekly letter - it's a bit long...  

    After being at Earth for 12 years I am leaving to explore new places and take adventures, much like our graduates.  I doubt that I would be able to leave here had it not been for the work that we've done together over the years; I’m not one to leave something before I feel some sense of accomplishment.  As I recall the time I've spent here, teaching, learning and leading, so many memories come to mind.  I remember when my first class taught me about what open work was and insisted that we needed to do it every day.  Because of their desire to build with wood, we developed a wood working area with all kinds of tools and all of us, including me, learned how to make a model of our lodges at Frost Valley - what a sense of accomplishment we shared.  I remember when Michelle, our former principal, encouraged me to become the physical education teacher when I wanted to try something new.  You see I was ready to leave classroom teaching but I wasn't yet sure what I wanted to do - teaching physical education and also being the math coach was all new to me and I got to work with children and teachers across the whole school - I was also my most fit!  Sometimes we just have to take a leap, try something different, and see what happens and where the path is leading us.

    During my time at Earth School a lot happened for me in my personal life too.  I met and married my husband Avi and had my two children, Simon and Gabriel. And I began this year having some big health issues to deal with.  My professional and personal lives seem to have merged over the years and I’m not sure how they stand alone.  The staff of our school is closer to me than most of my family.  I have learned and debated, laughed and cried, taken risks and put my heart and sole in with each of them.  While yes it’s true that I worked everyday throughout my medical treatments this year, it’s also very true that our staff took on more and supported me in countless ways.  There were moments when I literally felt that each of you was holding me up.  I don’t actually know how to describe the love, trust and friendship that I feel for you.  All of the parents have been so encouraging and supportive as well, with the written word and all of the smiles and hugs each morning at arrival and dismissal.  So many of you have given me advice and your time.  And, our children or course- during this year kids have come up to me to say "hi, how are you feeling?" and "you look great today." and "I like your hair that way!"  This community that we have created is so very special and has truly healed me better than any medication could.  If not for the Earth School, I am unsure of how I would have made it through this challenging time in my life.  You are my family and I am so very thankful.

    So, it’s probably not surprising that what I will miss most about the Earth School is each of you.  Knowing you and being a part of your lives has meant the world to me.  I know that I've said this before but would like to repeat it now - I've learned that relationships are what life is all about.  Whether it’s relationships with each other, or relationships we have with ideas and work, play and learning. The relationships that we build and nurture, sustain us and allow us to exceed our wildest imaginations.  Having colleagues at other schools, and knowing parents and educators at other schools, I am absolutely certain that what we are doing here at the Earth School, together is unique and important and our children are at the heart of it all.

    I will miss the good work that we do.  The values and philosophy that we share are so meaningful - of the most essential to me are how we come to know children as whole people with so much capacity for learning, how we try to make room for all people and develop real respect for one another, and for never feeling done with the work, acknowledging that we haven’t mastered anything and that there is always more for us to grow and change.  Most of what I've learned over the years has come from the mistakes that I've made.  I know that we haven't always agreed and at times I've disappointed; our open discussions, hallway conversations and office drop-ins have helped me grow my practice and enabled me to become a better person.

    I'm honored to have worked alongside you and our children and want you to know that it's been rewarding on many levels; I've loved leading the Earth School. I want to thank you for the trust you've given me over the years. While leadership is certainly necessary and important, it is the mission of the school that grounds and guides the work, and ensures a vibrant future. I look forward to keeping in touch and hearing all about it!

    I will be around until mid-August and checking my Earth School e-mail account; I will be in touch regarding the budget appeal and any updates on staffing. Beginning September 2, I will be reachable via a new e-mail account at

    (End of Year Narrative Reports will be distributed later this week to parents or caregivers. Thursday, June 26 is a half day and the last day of school - dismissal is at 11:30.)

    Much love,


    Posted Jun 23, 2014, 5:13 AM by Michael Steinberg
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