3rd Grade Camp - CAMP GREENKILL

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Archery, pond ecology and s'mores! 

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and take a virtual tour of the campgrounds!


Dear 3rd ​Grade Families,

This year, the 3​rd graders will be going to Camp Greenkill from May 29-31, 2019. The classroom teachers, Amy Soffer, Emily Lewis, Donna Jackson, and Linda Allen, will lead the trip, along with other staff members and parent chaperones. Our camp trip is a wonderful experience for our students and provides great opportunities for growth.​ Every child is expected to go to camp.

The cost of the trip is $240 for each child, including transportation. Payment plans are available. If you cannot pay the full amount, pay what you can, but we ask that every family pay something towards the cost of the trip. Another way to cover your share is by volunteering to help during our fundraising events that raise money for camp. N​o child will be excluded for financial reasons.​ If you are able, please also consider contributing more. All donations are tax deductible.

You will receive a packet of forms at the informational night on March 21st, or in your child’s backpack. Please fill them out and return them to your child’s teachers, along with the payment, by Thursday, April 18. You can pay using the PayPal links below - there is an option to pay in installments over six months. You are also welcome to pay in cash or by check. Please address checks to the Earth School Parents Association.

If you have concerns about your child’s participation, please make an appointment to see me or your child's teachers as soon as possible.

Abbe Futterman, Principal