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 Ariel Explains How the Iroquois Made Maple Syrup
(Video by Ariel)

Carlos Teaches Us How to Make  a Spear                                                                                                                         

First, the Iroquois found a rock in the water.  The water goes quickly and it makes the rocks smooth. Then they took a different rock and smashed the rock from the water to make it the right shape.  Then they took a deer's antlers and they scraped the rock and they made it sharp.  Then the scraped the top a little more to make it sharper.  They took a skinny stick and they tied the rock to it and then they smoothed the other side of the rock.  Then they were done with the spear and they would kill a deer with it.  You can see them using a spear in the picture.

Ariel Maple Syrup
Ariel: In this picture, the guy is taking sap from a maple tree.  He's putting it inside a bucket made out of bark and  rope.  Then he's putting on the fire and it's going to turn into maple syrup.  (Drawing by Ariel)

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Jan 25, 2012, 6:40 AM