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Among other things, life should be filled with music, especially children's lives. Here at the Earth School we feel that music and song belongs in the classroom. In addition to working with Third Street Music, many teachers play music daily: during transitions, quiet and clean-up time, but more importantly as one way to teach content, explore ideas, and discover feelings. Some teachers sing to their students every day! This section of our website is designed to share the Earth School's musical creations and performances with friends, family, and the world in an effort to bring a little more music to everyone. 

Be sure to download MP3s and song lyrics!

A Shout-Out to John & Lisa
Fortunately, the Earth School is blessed with many talented teachers and parents who create music and sing songs with their students. One powerhouse parent duo at the moment is , who for three years have been working with teachers and students to create songs for CORE studies and community building. Check out their musical contributions to the Earth School. (We believe they are also available for new projects!)