Google Slides
Practical classroom ideas
Google Presentations can be used to create your outline for your class notes, assignments or for students to present research. They could also be used for multimedia story telling, study guides and so much more! Like other apps in Google Apps for Education, you can select items in the presentation and comment on them in.
Organizing Class Notes
Language Arts Notes
  • Sometimes you would like to be able to have a quick and easy way to put together a set of notes for a learning objective.
  • You can open the Presentation in via a link: CLICK HERE to view the Plot Diagram Presentation
  • Or you can embed the presentation into a website via the "Insert" function:

    GooEd: L.A. - Plot Diagrams

Book Reports
The Book Report Sandwich
  • student creates a Presentation
  • student shares the doc with the instructor 
  • student completes the slides according to a rubric/handout on Google Docs
  • kids use to present report in front of the class

GooEd: Book Report Sandwich

Research Assignment
Tried and True Research Organizer
  • student creates a Presentation
  • student shares the doc with the instructor and/or group partner
  • student researches topic and take own notes (no cutting and pasting!)
  • bibliography page is included
  • kids use to present findings in front of the class


GooEd PROJECT TEMPLATE: Planet Research

EXTENSION ACTIVITY: GooEd PROJECT TEMPLATE: Design an Alien for your Planet/Moon

Other Examples of Uses for Presentations
Some Ways I have Used Presentations in My Classroom

GooEd: Trees and Forests Review


GooEd: madeline 6I science extra project

SOCIAL STUDIES PROJECT:  different types of government in Alberta. 

GooEd: Social - Urban? Rural? Aboriginal?

LANGUAGE ARTS: a quick little assignment students completed to help them visualize figures of speech.

GooEd: Figurative Language

MIND MAPPING in SOCIAL STUDIES:  a mind mapping exercise a student did to help them study for an upcoming test.

GooEd: Social - Iroquois Social Structure


GooEd: Midway - The effects of grabage from the Pacific Gyre