Google Maps
Practical classroom ideas
Think about the amount of time wasted on mapping (colouring, labelling, recolouring, fine point "sharpieing") much time is actually spent on the objective? When the map is done, the kids close the books (unless they need to memorize items for a test), hand it in and that's it. Think of the plethora of objectives that could be accomplished via Google Maps!

Google Maps uses puts an awesome arsenal of tools at your disposal! Utilize place-markers, icons, borders, paths and other items to bring your maps to life. To enrich and extend your lessons, add descriptions and images from the web to help students realize the course objectives in a fresh and meaningful manner.

How to create a new editable map in Google Maps

Getting started:
  • Go to “” 
  • My Places 
  • Create Map 
  • Name Your Map (Title) 
  • Give a description of the assignment 
  • Select “Share” then type in the email addresses of people you wish to collaborate with.

Showing Scale
Make a border around any geographical location
A Few Examples Can Really Help! Sometimes students benefits greatly from seeing what worked on an assignment and what didn't. I like to keep exemplars of student work to show them what things have been done well and what things did not go so well. Here is an example from an assignment on creating conclusions to a story that leaves you hanging:

Regions of Canada
Create maps with data layers
  to bring up the map legend

Appalachian Region Student Generated Map

Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Lowlands Student Generated Map

Cordillera Region Student Generated Map

  • Accompanying Slides Presentation for Sample 1: Cordillera:

Cordillera Region