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Thank you in advance for your interest!

How to understand the calendar and further information

Thank you in advance for your consideration.  To determine if a specific date is available to either provide or serve a meal, please review the calendar.  If there is a box on the date of interest that says "FOOD" with a name after it (in purple), we have a meal for that date.  If there is a box on the date of interest that says "SERVE" with a name after it (in yellow), we have a server for that date (please note that if there is only one server for that date, we can always use an extra helping hand).

If you have not volunteered with The Delores Project previously, please know that we have a formal tour/orientation program.  We ask that new volunteers interested in serving a meal attend a tour and go through a brief orientation.  If you are a coordinator for a group of volunteers, we only need one or two representatives to go through this process, provided they are comfortable sharing the information to the rest of your group.  Tour information is listed to the right.

If you are interested in a specific date to either provide a meal, serve a meal or both, please email meals with your date and type of interest. Please note that we provide both lunch and dinner on the weekends.  We so appreciate your support and look forward to working together.

Need To Cancel?

IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL, please call the shelter at 303.534.5411 and speak with whoever answers the phone - please do not leave a message.  THANKS!


1st Tuesday of the month at 4 pm

3rd Thursday of the month at 9 am

4th Saturday of the month at 11 am

Please note there are no Saturday tours in November or December.

Click TOURS to sign up - thanks for your interest!

In-Kind Donations

Please click HERE for more information regarding donations.

Meal Serving Information

Click HERE for more information on meal serving opportunities.

Meal Providing Opportunities

Click HERE for more information on meal providing opportunities.