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Call today to schedule your lesson with Allyson Lockhart.
(Currently there is a waiting list for standing appointments in the evening so, please call a.s.a.p)

 (310) 387-0709

Lessons taught in a private, air conditioned room at:

South End Racquet & Health Club

2800 Skypark Drive

Torrance, CA 90505

Child Care Services also available

The lesson material is individually crafted to meet your specific dancing goals (whether it's social acceptance or competition dancing). Private sessions are focused on learning new patterns and the technique or styling that is necessary to support those patterns. They are also often spent on learning fun new routines to put some flare into your dance training.

Once you've been taking private sessions for a while, know that it is common for students to experience the rush of learning a lot of information and then hitting a plateau during the cleaning up process. This is when it feels like there hasn’t been much progress or the lessons seem repetitive. However, keep in mind that this is when you’re actually learning what it takes to turn patterns into dancing. Always communicate new goals or concerns with your instructor.

Off site instruction is available upon approval for an additional fee. 
Off site session rates include travel time, mileage, set-up time and 50 minutes of instruction. 

Guest instruction for charitable & corporate events available.

Call today for booking information.



Students with schedules that fluctuate often should be on a ‘Pay As You Go’ plan. 

  • $70 per session (50 minutes / 2 people)  |  $100 per session for small groups of 3 - 8 people
  • Upon first visit, *first & last session payments are required. One session (paid in advance) is to remain on the books at all times to cover same day cancellations or very last lesson.
  • Same day cancellation counts as session used.
  • Schedule is made weekly upon availability.

Please note, the only way to guarantee the same appointment day/time weekly is to acquire a monthly membership.

*First & Last = $140.00 or $200 due on the first visit to cover same day cancellations.

MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP - Click to view policy

Package A - $280/Month

  • One (1) Session per week
  • Same Reserved Day & Time each week
  • Four (4) bonus sessions annually*

Package B - $560/Month
  • Two (2) Sessions per week
  • Same Reserved Day & Time each week
  • Eight (8) bonus sessions annually*

Package C - $840/Month
  • Three (3) Sessions per week
  • Same Reserved Day & Time each week
  • Twelve (12) bonus sessions annually*


Tell A friend, they buy 2 sessions, you earn a *Referral Session!
Keep it or give it away as a gift certificate.

*Referral Session: A free session that expires within 60 days. May not be used for your regularly scheduled appointment. Times and days based on instructor’s availability.

$40 Fee on all returned checks