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LinkedIn ( is a powerful global professional networking resource that can effectively support a job search WITHOUT COST to you.  In 2014 a survey found 90% of recruiters used LinkedIn.  LinkedIn tools reduce the costs for job postings, reduce the effort to identify quality people for a position and allow discrete recruitment efforts.   LinkedIn has grown in popularity globally.  In 2011 LinkedIn added 2 new member per second for the past several years with over 220,000,000 members as of January 2013.  By October 2014 membership was at 315,000.000.

To be found on LinkedIn by a Recruiter it is critical you have a complete Profile containing ample and appropriate keywords and job titles presented in a meaningful and attractive form. A well structured complete Profile with high connections (over 500 is recommended), high numbers of endorsements, strong recommendations, solid experience and Groups participation is someone that will gain the interests of a Recruiter.  For a LinkedIn Profile to work for you, you must work to have a strong Profile.  A LinkedIn Profile that lacks keywords and job titles is a cloak of invisibility on your Profile.  Just having a Profile with little or poor content can be a negative reflection on you but that, of course, assumes someone actually found you.

Here are some links to information offered to help you understand the importance of not only being on LinkedIn but of having a high quality, attractive, and key word rich presentation including a number of steps to increase your visibility.
NOTE:  LinkedIn does offer various membership levels which include monthly or annual charges.  It is not necessary to have a paid account with LinkedIn to receive substantial benefit from their services or data.
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Resource LinkDescription
Apply for Jobs Directly from LinkedIn A great tool but no substitute for NETWORKING, it will not fix a bad Profile, and does not get around the failures of "job boards". 
LinkedIn Learning Webinars Library of FREE Webinars provided by LinkedIn to help YOU understand and master this powerful tool for Job Search and your Career 
LinkedIn Profile LinkedIn content providing an overview of the LinkedIn Profile covering the major section of the Profile and how to use them in a general discussion. 
Linkedin Recruiter - eBay Comments [Video] eBay's John Curran on LinkedIn Recruiter  
Linkedin Recruiter - Logitech's Comments [Video] Logitech's John Zwieg on LinkedIn Jobs 
LinkedIn Recruiter - Trimble's Comments [Video] Trimble's Bob Spoer on LinkedIn Recruiter 
LinkedIn Recruiter - US Cellular's Comments [Video] US Cellular's Elisa Bannon on LinkedIn Recruiter 
LinkedIn Recruiter Video Price tag: about $18,000 per year per person representing an estimated 50% of LinkedIn's revenues. Can you say "serious use"? 
LinkedIn Training Webinar THESE FREE EVENTS are available either via live web sessions (Thursdays starting at 11:30 AM Central) or using pre-recorded "on demand" sessions, 24x7. At a minimum everyone should view the first of the 3 sessions offered to understand the tool called LinkedIn. If you do not understand how to use the tool to your advantage, well. do you like driving nails with a screwdriver? Think about it and view the material! 
Make Your LinkedIn Profile to Help You Find a Job Tips to basic Profile enhancement. A good starting point for improvement. You still have to do the work! 
Nine Ways Using LinkedIn to Advance Your Career Original article from 06/28/11 
Nine Ways Using LinkedIn to Advance Your Career II After the basic Profile enhancement, check these ideas out to help add visibility to recruiters. 
Recruiting Fundamentals: Tips for Hiring the Best with LinkedIn Enough said? 18 minute video. 
STUDENT Recruiting Guide from LinkedIn Published for Recruiters, version 2.0 is geared for 2015 recruitment efforts. The document is free but you must request it by providing your information to receive this eBook. Get the insights into what Recruiters are being advised for their recruiting efforts. 
The Value of LinkedIn Overview Video of Linkedin 
URL Customization on LinkedIn No one will remember that long default URL you can give to help people find you on LinkedIn. So customize it to just be your name! Remember, first come first served [there can be only one John Smith]. Claim your personal link. Make sure it matches the name your use on your Resumes, Business Cards and other communications to tie everything together! 
What Is LinkedIn? [Video] LinkedIn Learning Center -- LinkedIn content providing a good initial overview of the tool. I encourage people to register for their webinar as part of their initial free training! 
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