Course 201

LinkedIn Start-up


Help those with minimal computer skills to establish a minimal presence in LinkedIn by creating basic Profile.  This session will involve each attendee having access to a computer, an Instructor, and support from others who have LinkedIn Profiles.

Typical Duration:
2 Hours depending on the number of questions or level of support required during the class.

  • A computer is planned for each attendee with an Internet connection
  • An experienced Instructor
  • Experienced Support Members as available
A session involving equipment and an experienced team for the class size would be $150.
This level of training and support is not known to exist in the Memphis area.

The following minimal skills, resources, and mindset are necessary to be successful in this course:
  • Windows PC skills that include:
    • keyboarding skills with the ability to type at least 15 words per minute
    • mouse skills including use of the left and right buttons or equivalent keyboard shortcuts
    • ability to work between multiple screens
    • ability to cut and paste between screens
    • use of Internet Explorer
  • an existing e-mail address for your LinkedIn Profile
    • knowing your e-mail address and password for your e-mail account
    • the e-mail account must be accessible via Internet Explorer from the course site
    • ability to receive, read and respond to e-mail messages received while attending the course
  • your resume, ideally in electronic format e-mailed to yourself, to copy/paste or manually enter into your LinkedIn Profile as a starting point
  • an optional photograph of yourself (JPG, GIF, or PNG up to 4 MBytes) e-mailed to your account for inclusion in your Profile.  The picture should be a professional looking photograph showing just yourself
  • knowledge of what you will enter for the following initial Profile creation questions:
    • Name
    • Job Title (or unemployed)
    • Industry
    • City or Area where you reside
  • a willing spirit and ability to learn something new and different that can benefit you
If you do not fully meet each requirement we will not have the resources to help you reach the goal and it may become necessary to ask those individuals to leave the classroom.

Help may be available.
These are all very basic skills that everyone should have and information they should know and are actually below the minimums for most jobs today.  Help may be available from a number of community resources or training grants through the Workforce Investment Network depending on your current skill levels and other factors.  Help may also be available through the Technology Literacy Mentoring Group within The CT Groups.

Technology is an enabler.  Do not let technology prevent you from achieving your dreams.

Reservations are required for this course.

LinkedIn Event:
This course will NOT have a LinkedIn Event due to the very nature of the course.

The CT Groups and the involved instructor(s) and support team
are not representatives of LinkedIn or the hosting facility
and do not represent LinkedIn or the hosting facility.