Course 101

Social Media in Career Transition

An introductory session into how those in a career transition should become aware of and involved in Social Media.  Topics discussed include:
    • Why career transition has become radically different
    • Why seeking employment is more challenging than in other times
    • Why what worked well in 2007 is basically broken and ineffective today
    • How Social Media is changing the career transition and recruitment processes
    • How Social Media is changing personal career planning
    • How selected components of Social Media can be used
Typical Duration:
2 Hours not including any potential of post-session questions.

This is a presentation which includes the opportunity for questions and answers.

No public presentations on this topic are known to exist in the Memphis area.  Fees for such a program would be a minimum of $75

General experience in using a personal computer and of the career transition process is beneficial. 

Due to the demand reservations will be required to insure sufficient space is available.
Unless stated to the contrary, attendance is limited to current members of The CT Groups.