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Career Transition is the most difficult, challenging, trying, emotional role you will ever have.  First thing to understand is you do NOT have to do this alone as a job search is a team contact sport.  The responsibility to get the job done rests with you alone.  But you want and in fact need the help of others to minimize your time in search, to find a 17% career and to potentially land a career better than any job you ever held.

Setting Appropriate Expectations:

    Some things we ARE NOT:
  • We can not guarantee anyone employment.  Be careful of those who claim they can and ask for your money.

  • We are not recruiters or an employment agency; we do not place people into careers or jobs.

  • We do not do your job; no one can.  A career transition is a highly personal process only you can do.  We can help you understand the process, offer guidance, and support through your transition.

  • Despite the rumor or false hope, we do not have "The Secret Jobs List", secret code words causing Job Boards to display hidden opportunities, or magic keyboard keys that guarantee an interview from your resume submission.
   Some things we ARE:
  • We see you as someone who came for help.  Your past is just that and we focus on the future.
    Former your former job title and numbers of direct or indirect reports or how much you made or what wonderful perks you had are just that... items of the past.  We look forward to what is possible.  We are all in transition together and we will find our next career with planning, a positive outlook, and dedication.

  • We address everyone by their first name (or first and last if you like).  We do not get wrapped up in titles.

  • We recommend a business casual attire at meetings and events with professional conduct.
  • Our meeting duration is typically 1.5 to 2.0 hours.  Second Saturdays are planned for 3.0 hours due to single monthly meeting and to provide appropriate time for the special focus of these sessions.
    Meetings are grouped around starting times ranging from:
    -  6:30 AM to 9:00 AM
    -  1:30 PM to 4:00 PM
    -  6:30 PM to 7:00 PM
    See our Directory for detailed information or our Calendar for a graphical presentation.

  • We offer a free program and support to those in career transition.  In return we expect you to offer aid to others and attend the meetings to understand the process and successfully execute it.  You will find the meetings not only provide a majority of the benefit to you in transition but also build strong relationships with others within the groups.
  • We promote networking, which today is projected to account for up to 90 to 95% of all jobs that are filled.  In normal economies this number is between 70% to 80%.  Find any casino, lottery, or drawing that offers at least a 70% shot of being a winner.  Some companies offer a "new hire bounty" to employees for a the successful recruitment of a person they recommend of up to $5,000.  Knowing how to use the gentle art of networking can significantly reduce the time you spend in a career transition.

  • We promote mutual aid between members.  The concept of sharing job leads is contrary to competitive logic until you realize a simple fact.  Only one person is hired per job and the company will select the candidate they can work with.  If the chosen candidate is not you, let it be someone you shared the job with as you will now have a champion inside that company and have made a new best friend potentially for life.  Sometimes the subsequent opportunity is better than the first.

  • We meeting in various locations including religious facilities, a restaurant, and the Macon Campus of Southwest Tennessee Community College.  We do not attempt to get you to change your house of worship, convert you to any religion or belief, pressure you to enroll in classes, or to secretly change the coffee you ordered at the restaurant.

  • We provide a private e-mail network to share jobs and one to request help or information that you will have access to.  Mutual aid and sharing benefits everyone to get that 17% job people dream of in less time.

  • We have a written Acceptable Use & Membership Agreement Policy to support our mutual goal of returning to the workforce.

  • We have "hiring managers" and company officers within The CT Groups who graduated when they found their current career.

  • We have individuals outside of The CT Groups who provide us employment opportunities.  IF you are joining to simply find more job postings you should consider not joining this group as other resources are readily available to provide more job postings in less time than we will.  Certainly knowing where jobs are is important.  Yet many if not most jobs are now in the "hidden" or "underground" job market and are not posted in newspapers, trade magazines or job boards.  So, do you want to be one of the hundreds or even thousands who applied for an on-line job or one of those who found it through the hidden job market with fewer applicants to compete against?