Why Study Latin?

Top 10 Reasons to Study Latin: 

1. Latin is the superior method for teaching English grammar 
2. Over half of all English words come from Latin. 
3. Latin students scored 159 points better than average on the verbal section of the 
2001 SAT 
4. Latin is rigorous and challenging and prepares students for higher levels of learning. 
5. 61% of colleges surveyed said they view Latin students as “much stronger” or 
“somewhat stronger” than other applicants 
6. Latin, the language used by history’s greatest minds, is the gateway to classical texts. 
7. Latin is systematic, organized, and teaches students how to absorb information. 
8. Latin is pervasive in the specialized vocabulary of doctors, lawyers, scientists, 
astronomers, economists, educators, politicians… 
9. Latin grammer is rhythmic and fun to learn 
10. “Latin is not dead, it’s IMMORTAL”-Chesterton