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    Religious Education is a popular subject which encourages students to develop their own beliefs and consider the beliefs held by others. Discussions and debates are a key part in many lessons, as it allows students to become actively involved in lessons and gives them the opportunities to explore concerns about many aspects of life. The RE department aims to develop the students’ awareness of religious, philosophical, spiritual and moral issues as well as encouraging them to understand and appreciate the beliefs and practices of different world religions. Students are challenged to develop and hone the skills of reflection, evaluation, exploration and empathy through a variety of engaging classroom activities and assessments. 

    Religious Education at The Cooper School covers a wide variety of topics throughout years 7-11. In years 7 & 8 students study the religions of Buddhism, Christianity and Sikhism as well as touching upon aspects of Islam and Humanism. In years 9, 10 & 11 all students study GCSE Philosophy and Ethics. Students begin the Philosophy modules in year 9; Good and Evil, Religion and Science, The End of Life and Belief about Deity. They are examined on this in the summer of year 10 which is worth 50% of their GCSE. Students then begin the Ethics modules; Religion and Equality, Religion and Relationships, Medical Ethics and Religion, Peace and Justice. Students are then examined on the Ethics modules in the summer of year 11 also worth 50%. There is no coursework element in this GCSE

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