Do you enjoy the challenge of creating your own products? Are you interested in developing and editing videos and images? Then Media Studies is perfect for you.

There are two main skills involved in Media Studies:

- Evaluating and criticising the impact that media texts have on their demographic (audience)

- Developing your own media texts for a specific audience

The course is incredibly creative and allows students to develop their own ideas in a project: this means that time management skills are very important. However it is also essential that students are able to express their own ideas and evaluate other people's work in writing. 

The Course in a Nutshell:

OCR Exam Board:

Individual Portfolio (30%) – Controlled Assessment

  • Students produce a portfolio that includes reference to at least two media texts. Briefs include: film genre and advertising.
  • First piece of work will be an analytical response to an existing piece of media.
  • Second piece of work will be creating their own piece of media.

Textual Analysis and Topic (Moving Image or Print) (40%) – Exam

  • Section One: Students will respond to a short, previously unseen moving image from the Action Adventure genre.
  • Section Two: Questions will be asked about their previously researched TV comedy. These questions will cover aspects of audience pleasures and the context of their production.

Production Portfolio (30%) – Controlled Assessment

  • Students plan and create a major practical production in response to a brief. This could be a print advertisement, an extract from a new TV programme, an entertainment website or a cross-media promotional package for a new artist.
  • This can either be completed in a group or individually, although each student will need to show individual evidence of research and planning and will need to evaluate their work.


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