Mathematics is an essential, transferable skill as well as being a fascinating subject in it's own right. At The Cooper School we work hard to instill in our students the importance of perseverance; making links between topics; explaining and justifying their reasoning and becoming fluent with the key skills that will enable them to progress in this fundamental core subject.

At The Cooper School, students work on investigations using problem-solving approaches in meaningful contexts
. Year 7 are taught in mixed ability classes with students who finish quickly having their mathematical understanding deepened by encouraging them to look at non-routine problems rather than accelerating them through new content. 

At KS3, students follow a 'mastery-style' curriculum, studying topics for longer periods of time to embed understanding on which to build in subsequent terms. The emphasis is on developing fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills as set out in the new National Curriculum programme of study (2013)

At KS5, students follow the MEI syllabus, studying the range of Core and Applied modules, as well as Further Mathematics. Our Sixth Form students are always enthusiastic mathematicians; students might come into the maths team room to 'chat about hyperbolic curves' !

The Cooper School Mathematics department works closely together, sharing ideas and good practice to give our students an enriching mathematical experience.