The English Department at The Cooper School is a forward looking and creative department. Our teachers have exceptionally high expectations of students and, as a result of this, the overwhelming majority of learners make good progress and achieve excellent results. We believe that success in English hinges on a creative, enquiring mind, combined with good attention to detail and a critical awareness of the world around us.

Our students are actively encouraged to become independent thinkers and learners and, to this end, lessons are engaging and fun but also focus on the critical and functional skills which students will need to achieve exam success. We, as a department, aim to celebrate and learn about language in all its forms and wherever it may be used. To this end, we are a technologically advanced department who embrace modern media whilst also maintaining a clear grounding in the texts
 which make up our diverse literary heritage.

In English, students can learn about themselves, about others and about the world around them whilst at the same time developing the skills they will need, not only to succeed in all of their school subjects, but in their lives as a whole.

Headteacher - Mr B J Baxter BA (Hons). Chair of Governors - Mr M Waine. Telephone 01869 242121. Email - headteacher@thecooperschool.co.uk