E-Safety at The Cooper School

This website contains links to resources that students, staff and parents at The Cooper School can use to find out more about the risks associated with using new technologies and how they can be mitigated. 

If you have an immediate concern report it to the police by calling 999 or to the CEOP centre by clicking on the button below and filling out a report.

The Cooper School is seeking parental consent for students use of technology in lessons.


If you are worried about something that has happened online to you or a friend this page will help put you in contact with people who can help.

Remember, you shouldent have to deal with this alone. Tell someone who can help!


Keeping up to date with the latest technologies and trends is difficult. The resources on this page will help you understand some of the technologies your children are using and give useful, practical advice on what you can do to keep your children safe online.



In a recent survey 42% of teachers said they had been victims of negative comments on the internet. This page contains links to advice from the Department for Education and various teaching unions on how you can manage your online presence.