School Uniform Policy

  • Black blazer with school badge on top pocket
  • Plain white revere collared school blouse
  • Plain black V necked jumper (no cardigans permitted)
  • Plain black skirt with pleats or tailored black trousers – full length
  • Plain black socks or plain black or neutral coloured tights
  • Plain black shoes with heel maximum of 2 inches/5 centimetres
  •   Black blazer with school badge on top pocket 
  •  Plain white collared school shirt 
  •  School tie 
  •  Plain black V necked jumper 
  •  Tailored plain black trousers – full length 
  •  Plain black socks 
  •  Plain black shoes



Girls and Boys 
  •   An outer coat, suitable for school, which fits comfortably over the school blazer and not to be worn           in class. 
  •   No hoodies, denim or zip up sweatshirts are permitted. 
  •   The following comprises the normal standard for all students; it is non-negotiable: 
  •  Blazers to be worn at all times except by discretion of teacher i.e. during practical lessons; 
  •  Shirts properly tucked in; 
  •  Boys’ shirt collars buttoned up; 
  •  Girls’ blouses must have a revere collar; 
  •  Black V neck jumper to be worn at all times by boys and girls except by discretion of teacher; 
  •  Tie worn the correct way around and properly knotted; 
  •  Skirts of a reasonable length (4inches/10cm to ground when kneeling and no more then  4 inches/ 10cm   below knee). Mini or maxi skirts are not allowed
  •  Trousers must be tailored, no jeans, no denims, no cords, no large pockets on legs of trousers,   no leggings, no jeggings; 
  •  Trousers must be worn around the waist;
  •  Shoes must be low heeled: no sling backs, no backless or open toed shoes are allowed; 
  • No boots of any kind
  • No training shoes, plimsolls or canvas shoes of any kind or colour are allowed as part of school       uniform. Trainers are not to be worn around main school site except for PE lessons but will be                   allowed at lunchtime when playing football etc on back field;
  •  Outdoor coats will not be worn in class, no hoodies of any kind, no denim material, no zip up   sweatshirts
Jewellery and Make-Up
  •  Students with pierced ears may wear up to 2 small studs per ear. No more than 5mm in diameter. (Will  need to be removed for PE); 
  • A wrist watch may be worn but no other jewellery or piercings are permitted;
  • No make-up of any kind in Years 7, 8, 9. Discreet make-up allowed in years 10 & 11; 
  • Jewellery, including ear jewellery of any description, must not be worn during PE lessons in line with  Health and Safety legislation and guidance from Oxfordshire LA; 
  • Any visible body–piercing must be removed on request. As most piercings often require a period with a  small sleeper in place, we recommend that piercings are only carried out during the longer holiday  periods.