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Welcome to Careers@Cooper. This site is designed to help you through the many choices before you in your academic future.

Included on the site you will find information that you may already have some knowledge of as well as new information that is perhaps only just becoming relevant to you. For example, links and information regarding qualification levels, options explaining where you can continue your education, guidance on how to make an application and much more. You will also find information regarding the new Raising of the Participation Age (RPA) and the impact that it has on you as a learner.

Take your time to look through the site and use the various information and links to help you follow your goals and design your future. 

 RPA: What it means?

Raising the Participation Age (RPA)

The RPA means that young people are required to remain in some form of education or training - those students who left in summer 2014 were the first required to continue until their 18th birthday.

Why is this happening?

The government wants to make sure all young people start their careers on an equal footing and with the best training and education.  Being able to develop the knowledge and practical skills that employers are looking for means you’ll find it easier to get a better job with better pay and career prospects. Evidence shows that if you get qualifications at this age, it can help you to earn more over your whole lifetime - on average, young people with 2 or more A-Levels or equivalent earn around 14% more than those without.

Do I have to stay in school?

This does not mean you have to stay in school. You can continue your education at college, by training at work or by working and training part time.

Where can I learn?

There are many places you can carry on learning and training. They offer different types of qualifications, such as vocational, life and work skills, foundation learning as well as a range of GCSEs, A Levels, Diplomas or BTECS.

Can I train to do a job?

If you know the career you wish to follow you may choose a specialist training provider. They offer work experience along side key qualifications specific to that career.


There are nearly 200 different job roles available as apprenticeships under which you can train and work at the same time, either at a work place or at a college.

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If you choose to be in work for 20 hours or more you must also continue with accredited learning alongside your employment.


You can volunteer for something that interests you and study along side this worthwhile work.

What do to do if I cannot find a course?

Get in touch with the Early Intervention Hub. To find out more Click here.

You can also check out the Oxfordshire young people’s OXME website for help and ideas at or the young people’s careers helpline is available from 8am-10pm seven days a week on 0800 100 900 or text messages on 07766 413219

The national careers service also makes it easy to find information about education, training and work with professional, impartial advice, the website is

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