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What is an able student? 

An able student has the potential to achieve to a high standard in particular skills and areas, often above and beyond what is expected for their age group. This can include written and verbal skills, logic and problem solving, creative and imaginative thinking or artistic and sporting ability. Emphasis is placed upon an individual’s potential to achieve and not just their current level of achievement. 

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More Able Provision 

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What to look for: traits and characteristics that an able student might demonstrate

He or she may:

Be a good reader
Be very articulate or verbally fluent for their age
Give quick verbal responses (which can appear cheeky)
Have a wide general knowledge
Learn quickly
Be interested in topics which one might associate with an older child
Communicate well with adults – often better than with their peer group
Have a range of interests, some of which are almost obsessions
Show unusual and original responses to problem-solving activities
Prefer verbal to written activities
Be logical
Be self-taught in his/her own interest areas
Have a good memory that s/he can access easily
Have strong views and opinions
Have a lively and original imagination/sense of humour
Be very sensitive and aware
Focus on his/her own interests rather than on what is being taught
Be socially adept
Appear arrogant or socially inept

Be easily bored by what they perceive as routine tasks

What we at The Cooper School aim to do:

  • We aim to identify who we think our more able students are and this is done through the compilation of the school-wide more able student register. The register consists of students who are performing outstandingly in three or more subject areas and has been compiled as a result of student attainment data and teacher nominations. These nominations recognise students' potential, attitude and ability as well as using current achievement in academic levels and Key Stage Two SATS information. This register is fluid and subject to change over the course of the academic year and students names can be added and removed depending upon their motivation and hard work.
  • More able students will be monitored throughout the year to ensure that they are fully supported in the development of their studies and their wider academic interests.
  • In the coming months they may also be eligible for an academic peer mentoring scheme to further encourage their ambition and confidence.
  • They may also be encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities and opportunities at a departmental level as well as school-wide enrichment.
  • Teachers are encouraged to plan lessons and use a range of activities that actively stretch and encourage more able students.
  • Students are also encouraged to read widely and creatively around the subject areas that they love and there are links to reading lists provided on this website. 
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If you have any questions please contact the More Able Student Coordinator: Richard Gibson



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