Region 8 Education Service Center is one of 20 Regional Education Service Centers within Texas which assists school districts in improving student performance and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of school operations. As a non-regulatory agency, our relationship with our clients is collaborative and supportive.

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The vision of Region 8 Education Service center is to create a systemic culture that incorporates challenging learning standards, fosters community partnerships, and inspires success for all.


It is the mission of Region 8 Education Service Center to create a partnership among all stakeholders by providing quality services to develop leaders at all levels that will empower students to excel in an increasingly demanding world.


Professional dialogue is essential to a systemic culture.

To influence change in others, first be accountable for yourself.

Successful implementation requires active leadership at all levels of the organization.

People support what they help create.

In a systemic culture, successes and challenges are shared by all.

Embracing diversity promotes success for all learners.


Top 3 Goals 

Develop and achieve educational excellence through leadership at all levels of the organization.

Promote and support the transformational process in Region 8 schools to reflect social changes and the impact of the digital revolution.

Provide professional development which supports challenging new learning standards to prepare all students for success in a global society.