January 2012 : English 1 Class Sighting

posted Feb 14, 2012, 1:51 PM by lori@thecollegepreparatoryschool.org   [ updated Feb 17, 2012, 3:37 PM ]
I happened to catch Jeff Peterson's 3rd period class while they were reviewing 
The Odyssey via small collaborative group presentations in class and captured a couple of photos.

Students worked together to accomplish the following in order to prepare themselves and their peers for the Final Exam:
  1: Type up the names of major characters, plot events and ideas your assigned chapters are concerned with. 
  2: Pick three rich, important passages of 5 – 10 lines in the chapters you are assigned. Document page numbers and write down notes you can share on what each passage contributes to our knowledge of the work. 
  3: Post the review document to the course site for everyone to access.

WEDNESDAY, 1/11—Overview of The Odyssey 
Books 1-3: Erica, Deanna & Nadira 
Books 4-6: Myka, Maddy, Parsa & Akash 
Books 7-9: Ian, Matt, Pete & Andrew 
Bks 10-12: Hannah, Natalie, Lizzy & Maga  
THURSDAY, 1/12—Continue Odyssey Overview Books 13, 18: Ian, Matt, Pete & Andrew
Books 19-20: Myka, Maddy, Parsa & Akash
Books 21-22: Hannah, Natalie, Lizzy & Maga
Books 23-24: Erica, Deanna & Nadira