Week Two

Monday 9/3: LABOR DAY!
Tuesday 9/4: Writing assignment to be placed under "Responses": 
a) Write an alternate ending to one of the Grimm's fairytales we read for Friday
b) Choose your favorite (or least favorite) of Grimm's fairytales and explain/discuss what makes it interesting/bizarre/repulsive etc.--in other words, why did you choose it? Grimm's Fairytales 
  •  Note: be sure to include the link to your fairytale in your response
OR MIX AND MATCH! (e.g. do 200 words for "a" and 300 words for "b")
Minimum word count: 500 words. 
Thursday 9/6: Reading Plato: Allegory of the Cave and brief response where you come up with three questions. See the response site for details.
Friday 9/7: Plato cont'd. Please write a 400 word response on your period's website.
J. Anderson,
Dec 17, 2012, 4:34 PM