Weekly Vocab Quizzes and Grammar

Weekly vocabulary quizzes on words in Vocabulary Energizers:

There are 10 words listed at the beginning of each chapter, plus 5 words from the same Greek or Latin root, listed at the end of the chapter (in part III of “Working with Words”).

You’ll be quizzed on all 15 words. Please learn each word well enough to do the following:

  • recognize a synonym or antonym of the word
  • write a sentence using the word
  • recognize if the word is used properly in a given sentence
  • choose from a list of several words the one which best fits in the blank

 Weekly grammar homework usually requires reading and doing short exercises in How Grammar Works and the pink Grammar Workbook.

Please click below on VEI_Answers PDF for information on the format of the Master Vocabulary Test. Also on the PDF are answers to the questions in Vocabulary Energizers I.

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Jan 8, 2014, 11:29 AM