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    Fall '10--Weeks 10-12

    Mon 11/8         Due—Book 19
                            Read and take notes.
                            Revision of paragraph of in-class essay due. Please post in "Reflections on Writing" on your personal website. See instructions for assignment on your personal website under "Reflections on Writing."
    Tue 11/9          Due—Book 20
                            Read and take notes.
    Wed 11/10       Due—Book 21
                            Read and take notes.
    Thu 11/11        No Class—Veterans Day
    Fri 11/12          Due— Read about direct and indirect objects in HGW (pp. 28-30 and 121). Bring pink workbook (we will do pp. 35-38).
                            Ch. 8 Vocabulary Quiz
    Week 11

    Mon 11/15       Due—Book 22
                            Read and take notes.
    Tue 11/16        Due—Book 23
                            Read and take notes.
    Wed 11/17       Due—Book 24
                            Read and take notes.
    Thu 11/18        Due—
     In your personal website, please post a freewrite for the analytical portion of your essay. Post this under "Essay Drafts." Word count: 500 words. 

    By "freewrite," I mean that you should write quickly and not worry about spelling, grammar, etc. The freewrite is to get your ideas out and flowing--it will not be graded!
    Fri 11/19         Due--
                            Come up with a draft of your thesis sentence (you can change it later) AND either:
    a) 2 topic sentences and 6 quotations 
    b) 4  quotations and analysis of the quotations (1-2 sentences of analysis per quotation)

    Please post this in the "Essay Draft" section of your website.
    Week 12

    Mon 11/22      Due--
     Rough draft due of BOTH parts of your project--the analytical essay and the creative assignment. Note, by "rough draft," I mean a draft that's pretty close to what you'll hand in as a final project tomorrow. Please POST under "Writing Drafts" on your personal website.
    Tue 11/13        Due--
    Writing Project (both analytical and creative parts). Please bring to class on your laptop, saved as a Word document. Tomorrow, you will post it on turnitin.com during class. (Note: if you'll be absent during class then please go to the site yourself and post your work. You'll be able to post after 1:30 pm tomorrow.)
    Wed 11/17        Due
    read about subjective complements (predicate nouns and predicate adjectives) in HGW (28-30 & 121); bring pink workbook (we will do pp. 35-38 in class).
                            Ch. 9 Vocabulary Quiz
    Thu 11/18        No Class—Thanksgiving                       
    Fri 11/19          No Class—Thanksgiving
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