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Fall '10--Week 13

Mon., 11/29: No homework. Review pred. nouns and adjs in class.

Tues., 11/30: Read and mark up "Base Details" and "Richard Cory" (3-4)

Wed., 12/1: Read and mark up "First Death in Nova Scotia" and "What the Dog Perhaps Hears" (7)

Thurs., 12/2: Read and mark up "Mrs. Small" (8--poetry version). Also, do the attached homework on "Mrs. Small." NOTE:    Please post your homework on the homework page of your personal website. Also, please PASTE your homework onto the site rather than attach it as a word document. (Put the date and description of homework on the title line.)

Fri., 12/3: Quiz on Ch 10 of Vocab Energizers. Also go grammar review exercises in pink workbook (43-45)
Subpages (1): Homework for Dec. 2nd