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Fall '10--Week 3

Mon 9/20--Please read and take notes on "Fresh Fruit for Young Widows." This is a handout. Please mark the paper copy. If you were absent from class, then read the story online at: http://www.newyorker.com/fiction/features/2010/05/17/100517fi_fiction_englander?currentPage=all

Tuesday 9/21--Please find your assignment for today attached below and to the left. It's called "Due Tuesday, 9/21."

Wednesday 9/22--Read and take notes on "Cell One" (to be handed out in class on Tues.)

Thursday 9/23--Paragraph assignment due on "Cell One." Assignment listed to the left on the sidebar ("Due Thursday 9/23). http://www.newyorker.com/fiction/features/2007/01/29/070129fi_fiction_adichie

Friday 9/24--Vocab quiz #2 of Vocabulary Energizers. Also, read about verbs in the pink Grammar Workbook, pp. 9-12. We'll do exercises on pp. 13-15 in class. Bring both grammar books with you.