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Fall '11--Weeks Five, Six, Seven

Note: assignments might change as we progress through the weeks...

Mon 10/3         No Class—Fall Holiday
Tue 10/4          Bring The Odyssey to Class  Note: You need to have the Fitzgerald translation.
                        Introduction to The Odyssey

Note: Don't forget--today's the day to take the grammar assessment test if you think you know all the 9th grade grammar material already. Please come to A1 at lunch time (but don't study for this--I promise you, it won't help!).
Wed 10/5         Read and take notes on Book I
Thu 10/6          Read and take notes on Book II
Fri 10/7            Prepositions: Read pp. 54-56 & 60-61 (HGW); Memorize Prepositions on p. 23 (Workbook)
                        Ch. 4 Vocabulary Quiz
Week 6

Mon 10/10       Read and take notes on Book III
Tue 10/11        Read and take notes on Book IV
Wed 10/12       Due—
                        Practice Passage Test. I will hand this out in class on Tuesday, but a copy of it is attached below.
*** Please write your answers (analyses of passages) on word document then cut and paste them onto the "homework" section of your personal website.
Thu 10/13        Read and take notes on Book V and optional re-test on Odyssey quiz.
Fri 10/14          Read and take notes on Conjunctions: Read pp. 70-71 & 153 (HGW); 
                        Exercises on p. 29 (Workbook)
                        Ch. 5 Vocabulary Quiz
Week 7

Mon 10/17       Read and take notes on Book VI
                        Discuss Reading; re-do mythology quiz if you'd like...
Tue 10/18       Read and take notes on Book VII
Revision assignment is due on this day (but note, you can do it for Weds since we don't have class on that day).  
***Please revise ONE paragraph of your "A Real Durwan Essay." 
See assignment posted below for complete directions or use this link:

Wed 10/19     No class (International Day).            
Thu 10/20       Grammar Review. Please test yourself using the first page of the PDF to be found here:
note: answers are on the second page of the PDF. Bring in your questions! 
Fri 10/21          Parts of Speech Test
                        Ch 6. Vocabulary Quiz
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