1/4/12--Practice essay "The Crabs"

    Note: this assignment should take you no more than 40 minutes. Please time yourself. 

    Poem to be found in your reader on page 16.

    In-class Essay on “The Crabs”

    Your essay should have:

    • brief introduction (1-2 sentences) in which you:
    •             --identify the speaker and the dramatic situation (what’s literally happening)
    •             --include a thesis statement
    • body paragraphs in which you embed specific words and/or phrasing from the poem and explain in your own words what you’re quoting and why it’s significant.
    • one or two sentence conclusion in which you try to build on your thesis (if time)

    Here is the topic for “The Crabs”:

    Identify a significant contrast or conflict in the poem and discuss how the word choice and images create the contrast or conflict.