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Dealing with multiple G Suite accounts
If you have more than one G Suite or Google account switching between them can be a problem, especially if your computer or browser stores log in details or on of your accounts is set to 'stay signed in'. 

If other people have access to the computer, or if you temporarily log in on someone-else's computer, remember to untick 'Remember Me' or 'Stay signed in' when logging in so that the browser does not remember your password, and that you make sure that you log out at the end of your session. If not, others will have access to your account, emails, and documents. This is a data security issue and poses a potential risk.

If your browser stores log in details for G Suite accounts, you may be able switch between the different accounts quite easily. Click on the profile icon (a coloured circle at the top right of the page that will either display your first initial or your profile picture if you uploaded one), and select the account that you want to switch to. On some pages there may be a dropdown arrow next to your email address rather than the circle profile icon.

If switching between accounts using the profile icon or email address dropdown, does not work, you may be able to switch accounts by editing the URL (web address).  The different accounts are identified with 0, 1, 2 etc,. in the URL (web address) for example, (the last part is displayed only momentarily)

If you find that multiple logins interfere with one another and are difficult to manage, there are some oftener solutions that can make this easier:
  1. Use a different web browser and use only one G Suite account with that browser. The G Suite Apps work best with Chrome (and some apps currently only work with Chrome or Firefox), so if possible use this browser for The Cambridge Partnership, and use another browser for other G Suite accounts.
  2. Use Incognito or Private mode. Open the browser, and open a window in 'Incognito' mode (Chrome), or with a 'Private' window (Firefox), or 'InPrivate' (Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer). This will not use any stored logins and you can log in each time and use the G Suite Apps without having to log out of other accounts. The downside of this is that you will need to log in for each session as your login details are not stored in incognito or private mode. This is more secure however, especially if other people have access to your computer.
  3. Set up different user profiles or personas in the browser and switch between these to change accounts.